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Mr. Kwandrans


    Sabum Nym began training in the art of Isshin Ryu Karate at the age of eleven.  He began his tournament career within the year as a yellow belt.  He was bitten by the bug and began to travel with the help of his Dad, Mr. Kwandrans Sr., from Canada to Ohio.

     Mr. Kwandrans Sr. began training in Tae kwon-do about the time Sabum Nym was a green belt in Karate.  Both enjoyed the kicking element of TKD.  Sabum Nym began training in both styles.  They received their black belts, each in a different art, at about the same time.  Sabum Nym was a senior in high school and began instructing Isshin Ryu at his own academy in Medina.  He soon realized that if he obtained his black belt in TKD, they could both instruct together.

Sabum Nym's sister, Kerry, also received her black belt in TKD around this time and helped instruct as well.  Sabum Nym received his black belt and the three worked together establishing a TKD school, after teaching Isshin Ryu for nearly one year.

     Sabum Nym, Mr. Kwandrans Sr., and Kerry competed extensively enjoying much hard earned success.  They were able to train and compete with world champions many times.  Sabum Nym has boxed, point fought, kickboxed and grappled over the years.  He has fought on International teams and also won the USKBA Super Middleweight NY Kickboxing title in September 2000.

     Mr. Kwandrans Sr. has many real life encounters with street defense from his experience as a Washington, D. C. police officer.  His experience transferred into lessons, was always a great asset to our training.

Our School


Our Tae kwon-do classes are split up by rank to allow teaching dedicated to that particular group.  Through years of very disciplined and exciting classes, many students have been able to improve their daily lives.  If a student focuses on the training, they will become more confident and able to defend themselves.  These are both important and should be a part of ANY Martial Arts program.  Tae Kwon-do should walk alongside you through your daily life.  We are students of Tae Kwon-do inside the do-jang as well as outside.  We expect our students and instructors to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.  This is part of the "traditional" aspect of what we still teach today.

     You will find all of our instructors have one thing in common, they all want to carry on the tradition of sharing their passion of Martial Arts with as many students as possible.  You will find that we are a "full service" martial arts school and truly care about our students.  We want them to do well in life as well as Tae Kwon-do.  Our goal is to help build a healthy mind, body and heart.  Thsi can be accomplished through the hard work and dedication that our classes demand.  We are proud of the programs offered at Kwandrans Tae Kwon-do and we're excited to share them with you and your family......

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