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We Are Little Dragons.........

Welcome To Our Class!


In our Little Dragons Program, we feel your child will gain coordination, confidence, attention span length, respect and just have a great time learning some basics of Tae Kwon-do.  We have designed this program through experience and the need to help the younger "future" martial artist to be better prepared for class.  The goal of our Little Dragons Program is not to teach your child to be the next world champion fighter, but to have them gain the tools needed to succeed in school as well as our traditional Tae Kwon-do class.

You will find our program is challenging, rewarding and helpful to your child.  It is our goal to have your Little Dragons excited to come back to class each week.  Your child will learn to follow directions, learn to answer "Yes, Ma'am", "Yes, Sir" when speaking to instructors and many other positive parts of our program. 


Our classes are for children age 4-6 .  The Fall session starts in September and ends in December.  The Spring session starts in February and ends in May.  

 Our regular session classes end with a "belt testing" in which family and friends are invited to attend to see the Little Dragons show off what they have learned as well as getting a new belt!  We hope to see your little one join us for some fun at the next session of Little Dragons.  Registration information will be posted on the website prior to the starting of a session.  Feel free to call or email the school for more information or questions you may have.

The Spring session of Little Dragons is full.  The next session will be Fall 2024

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